In Memory of Jesse

photo by Sam Bark

I learned yesterday that a friend of mine from the endurance world had passed away.

I had met Jesse only a handful of times through his parents Louise and Bruce, whom I had known for quite some time. Although I had not met him very many times, his good soul and kind demeanor were very obvious. Through the words of his loved ones, I also knew him to be a great person.

Jesse is close to my own age and has a daughter close to my own. It’s far too early to lose him from this life in his battle with cancer.

I’ve heard many times with other tragic losses that “life’s too short”, “let those you love know”–these are very true, we really don’t know how much time we have borrowed here.

In my eyes, the brevity of our stay is only a reminder that we can’t let ourselves be held back by artificial bounds–we need to life fully, love in big ways and jump with all of our strength into the chances we are presented.

We need to drop the labels and preconceived notions we create for each other–we are all humans and cut of the same fabric. Sometimes you find the best and most wonderful people in unexpected places!

Forget about the mistakes you might make; learn from them and grow! Take the opportunities that show up, but also remember to cherish the ones you love.

Don’t waste time on the things that matter not; if the activity or the item or the time doesn’t fill your sails, move to a different pond. If it lights a fire in your soul, go all in!

In memorial to Jesse and those many in our lives we have all had the chance to have with us, let today be the first step in an amazing journey of this miracle we call life.

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