Putting Out The Flames

It seems the world is on fire right now.
Guys, it doesn’t have to be. You know that log you have in your hand? Don’t throw it in the flames!!
It’s very easy to keep adding to the arguments and keep fueling the debates and escalating the anger and the hatred and the angst that’s going on in this country and beyond it’s borders. I’ve been tempted myself to say things about some of those that are fanning the heat.
Take a step back. Take big deep breath.
First off, another easy thing to do that I think we are all forgetting is to practice the golden rule–treat others as you would have others treat you. Be kind. If I have ever come across as anything other than that, I apologize, because I think we need more kindness to each other out there.
I struggle. You struggle. We have our own battles and a lot of times until you are in that exact person’s shoes you have absolutely no idea what they are going through, what they are suffering.
On that same note–if someone is not kind to you, don’t take it personally–I think they call that turning the other cheek.
I learned that a long time ago in healthcare. I get patients that act ugly to me all the time. I see people at their worst and understandably so–they’re scared, they are hurting, shoot, they may be dying. In reality, it’s no different outside of the hospital.
Do you know what’s going on with that person that just snapped at you? Likely it’s nothing that you did wrong whatsoever (and if it is, shake it off and walk away–that’s real power, not fighting).
Use empathy and even if someone acts poorly to you, you can still be respectful, get your job done and if you can see where they’re coming from, you may even make some progress towards developing a better relationship with that person, instead of labelling them as “difficult, bitchy, etc”.
You can set the tone by acting with respect, dignity and kindness.
We have a lot of problems right now in this country–they are not new problems and most of them have to do with where our hearts are. Our hearts are focused on hate, jealousy, comparing each other and our belongings.
We are one and the same, and if we try to find our common ground, who we are together instead of what makes us different, I believe we will make better progress than what we have done prior to now, no matter if you talk about how much pigment you carry in your particular skin (I do not like the word race, I really do not like), religion, creed, sexual orientation or what have you.
I’m not the first to say this and I hope I’m not the last–United we stand, divided we fall.

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